Club Men’s Competition Winners 2021
C/Ship Singles
R. Muir
C/Ship Pairs
G. Webster, T. Whitney
C/Ship Triples
P. Lee, M. Smart, R. Rimes
C/Ship Fours
P. Lee, C. Johnston, R. Muir, R. Sinnamon
B Singles
M. Smart
H/C Singles
I. Pepper
H/C Pairs
M. Smart, P. Lee
Mixed Pairs
S. Sinnamon, R. Sinnamon
Vet Pairs
K. Willey, J. Licastro
2 Bowl Triples
L. Pryce, L. Harris, I. Redford
Novice Singles
M. Johnson


Club Ladies Competition Winners 2021
C/S Singles
E. Carroll
C/S Pairs
C/S Triples
A. Chan, D. Cox, L. Draper
C/S Fours
A. Chan, D. Cox, G. Tooman, E. Bargo
A Singles
E. Carroll
B Singles
E. Bargo
Novice Singles
S. Singh
A Grade Consistency
L. Hancock
B Grade Consistency
L. Christensen



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